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Special Snowflake Morale Patch Mod2


Offended By All*

The Special Snowflake Mod2 is the followup from the classic Special Snowflake we offered in 2016. We based the designs off military patches.

Mod2a - "The Flying Snowflake"
This is an ultra simple patch based off air force "wings" and used the colors from the original Special Snowflake Morale Patch.

Mod2b - "Offended By All"
This is a larger morale patch featuring the whiny cry baby snowflake face, the infamous snowflake behind it along with the "Unit" (Special Snowflake) and the Unit motto - Offended By All.

*NY/CA Ministry of Objectionable Material has not approved

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Hook and Loop backing

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  • Special Snowflake Mod2b (OD) - 18 in stock
  • Special Snowflake Mod2b (Coyote) - 29 in stock
  • Special Snowflake Mod2a (Wings) - 34 in stock

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