12/11/17 - Order volume is very high right now. Please allow extra time for patch shipping and t-shirt processing and shipping. Thanks!

Special Snowflake Vinyl Decals


Awww yeah. Show how special you are by slapping one of these on your car window ammo can/laptop, etc.

Two sizes
- 6"
- 2"x3" Same as patch

Order The Special Snowflake Mod2 here

For best results, peel the packing of VERY SLOWLY, stopping at each letter/branch to ensure it transfers over properly. This is a very detailed decal with thinner letter so patience is required for installation.

Domestic Shipping included in price


  • 6" Mod2 (Pic1) - 24 in stock
  • 6" Mod1 (Pic2) - 9 in stock

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